Links: 2010-01-19


Finance and Economy

  • / Columnists / Philip Stephens – How the big banks rigged the market
  • – A bank levy will not stop the doomsday cycle
  • Economic Perspectives from Kansas City: Sheila Bair Exposes Wall Street’s Power Grab: Angelides Commission Hearings, days 1 and 2
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  • Rick Bookstaber: Breaking the Banks
  • Wall St. Weighs Legal Challenge to Proposed Bank Tax –
  • Paul Krugman – What Didn’t Happen –
  • Latvia in economic abyss |
  • Kobe marks anniversary of deadly 1995 quake | The Japan Times Online
  • Economist warns against China bashing from Washington over trade – Xinhua
  • – Merryn Somerset Webb: China’s going the way of Spain, Ireland and Japan
  • New emails show AIG mulled bank payment disclosures| Reuters
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  • Jesse’s Cafe Americain: Franklin Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address: A Fitting Reminder For Our Crisis Today

    Politics and Social

  • FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: 538 Model Posits Brown as 3:1 Favorite
  • FBI broke law in phone searches: report | Reuters
  • The Guantnamo Suicides: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle – Scott Horton – Harper’s Magazine
  • Fear Rules – Paul Craig Roberts
  • Bacteria are more capable of complex decision-making than thought
  • How sunlight causes skin cells to turn cancerous
  • Rape Victims Vs. Prison Rape Victims – The Sexist – Washington City Paper
  • Governor’s plan for prisons ignores racial history – Sacramento Opinion – Sacramento Editorial | Sacramento Bee
  • Barack Obama’s first year: Reality bites | The Economist


  • Ending Our Advertising Relationship With BigDeal – Tech Crunch
  • United States Internet Speed is on the Decline [REPORT]
  • Apple moves to ban Nokia selling iPhone in America – Telegraph

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