News from around the web: 2009-12-20


  • DC – Winters (a historical perspective of winters in Washington as we have seen record snowfall the past two days)
  • NBA Player Fined $7,500 for a Tweet – Mashable
  • The filibuster: let’s talk about it – James Fallows
  • Managers chief criticises Manchester City owner over Mark Hughes’ sacking |Football | (Overseas owners are ruining the Premiere League.)
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  • Arsene Wenger reveals he is ‘sad’ to see Mark Hughes leave Manchester City |Football |
  • Senate approves $636 billion military spending bill| Reuters
  • Revised Senate health bill cuts deficit: CBO| Reuters
  • Flashback of the Day — Political Wire (On John McCain’s apparent hypocrisy)
  • Kucinich panel to investigate Citigroup tax ruling –

    Distraction of the Day: Cops: NC Woman "kept" Mom’s Corpse in House

    (video embedded above)

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