News from around the web: 2009-10-13


  • You Know You’re A Cool Geek When….

    Are you a geek? C’mon. you know you are.

  • FT Alphaville- Mystery Meredith Whitney Goldman downgrade – update

    It’s price: my rationale as well

  • Gold price hits fresh high

    Silver above 15-month high

  • Goldman Sachs Cut to ‘Neutral’ by Meredith Whitney –

    Sounds like basis was price. This was her only buy.

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  • When Asked Whether Christie Is Fat, Corzine Responds: ‘Am I Bald?’ | TPMDC

    This is pretty funny.

  • Roach and His Bearish, Pessimistic Attitude

    Global imbalances simply won’t go away.

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  • The inflation story – what is the evidence? – Prieur du Plessis

    Inflation not a near-term threat.

  • MySpace’s U.S. Traffic Falls Off a Cliff

    Facebook is cleaning up. MySpace is toast.

  • – Swedbank hits out at Latvia’s mortgage plan

    Of course they do.

  • – Loan losses to hinder US banks’ earnings

    I expect some weakness. Let’s see what we get.



    Distraction of the Day: Tasered grandmother wins $40,000 settlement

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