News from around the web: 2009-10-11


  • – Latvian contagion

    There will be contagion: Lithuania and Estonia at a minimum.

  • » Only The Shadow

    Gives you a taste of the extent of the shadow inventory overhang

  • “Capitalism: A Love Story” « naked capitalism

    Wonderful post on Michael Moore’s new movie.

  • Letting Data Die A Natural Death

    T-mobile lost a bunch of data… permanently. This is a big deal. How can you protect yourself?

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  • On the government’s owners – Glenn Greenwald –

    On how the government is completely captured

  • China objects to U.S. steel pipes probe | Reuters

    More protectionist strains in global trade

  • Economist’s View: "Global Imbalances and the Financial Crisis: Products of Common Causes"

    Good additions to debate on imbalances

  • California Budget Is Already in the Red 10 Weeks After Passage –

    The budget there is a black hole

  • Anger as Iceland battles to recover

    Icelanders remain angry at the economic collapse

  • – German rift opens over Opel sale

    Will the FDP put the Kibosh on this? Spain, UK and Belgium will add pressure.

  • Citigroup to sell Phibro unit to Occidental for $250m – Telegraph

    Selling off everything at Citi. Seems like a low price

  • How Chinese men searching for “village of hot lesbians” broke the Internet in Sweden

    Another internet hoax makes a stir in China

  • Morgan Stanley Set for Profit, but Goldman Ahead – DealBook Blog –

    Expectations are for big profits on Wall Street

  • Irish banks to be hit by EU dividend ban –

    The ban is because of the state aid the firms receive

  • Current account surplus surged 10.4% in August | The Japan Times Online

    Japan is back to huge surpluses.

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  • – US retailers in first gain since 2008 crisis

    Again, retail sales is up. That’s big news.

  • Is F.H.A. the Next Shoe to Drop? – DealBook Blog –

    Yes, the FHA is in big trouble.

  • How to make Firefox Portable your default web browser

    Very cool hint for anyone who uses a USB stick.

  • Why the ‘peak oil’ debate is irrelevant – New Scientist

    Or rather why oil production will decline.

  • Roubini says housing market hasn’t bottomed | Reuters

    10 percent more coming.

  • Consumer prices continue to fall –

    Ireland in a deflationary depression.

  • House prices ‘have further 17pc to fall’ – Telegraph

    Fitch says the recent increase is a false dawn

  • Leaked Hotmail Data Shows Poor Choice Of Passwords

    This serves as an example of why one needs a more secure password.

  • I-Believe-in-Strong-Dollar Turns Relic as China Begs –

    A strong dollar policy is not credible

  • Obama, Does It Take Winning A Nobel To Get An Email From You? What #Obamashould Do.

    Must read.

  • U.S. states suffer "unbelievable" revenue shortages

    This counteracts any Federal stimulus.

  • Google Android Search Just Became Awesome

    Google has a long way to go to be as user-friendly as the iPhone.

  • The AT&T vs Google Voice War Erupts Over Sex Lines

    I fully support Google here.


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