News from around the web: 2009-10-10


  • General Motors’ car sales surge in China | Business |

    "GM sold a record number of cars in China last month, with sales up 55% so far this year."

  • Latvian PM rules out devaluation

    "The worst of Latvia’s recession is now over, the country’s Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis has told the BBC. He ruled out a devaluation of Latvia’s currency and said the Baltic state was now on target to meet European Union budget deficit limits."

  • Anti-foreclosure programs are not enough: watchdog | Reuters

    "Government programs to fight the U.S. home foreclosure crisis look increasingly inadequate and should be reworked, expanded and supplemented with new ideas, a congressional watchdog said in a report on Friday."

  • BBC NEWS | UK ‘becomes top financial centre’

    "The US slipped from first to third place, behind the UK and Australia."

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  • Twenty-five percent of US jobs are offshorable | vox

    This is certainly not good news for Americans

  • – Spain demands rework of Magna’s Opel plan

    Look at this through the eyes of protectionism

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  • Are Gold and US Treasuries in Conflict? |

    No. Gregor thinks it is a surge of liquidity. Rosenberg would have a fit.

  • Economist’s View: Paul Krugman: The Uneducated American

    Expect America to fall further behind with local and state government cuts.

  • » How Hot Is It?

    The low-end is hot. The high end is not…at least in San Diego. Stimulus-induced.

  • A Financial Tale of Two Golf Worlds: PGA vs LPGA

    Is this the Tiger Woods effect? he was injured in 2009 though.

  • The FDIC is Not Buying What Citi is Selling « naked capitalism

    Consultant gives Citi a clean bill of health for management despite disaster. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless you are looking to get more fees from Citi.

  • Lowly females pick mediocre mates

    They are talking about birds here. But could it apply to human beings too? Hat tip Yves Smith.

  • Another Day, Another Lawsuit Against Facebook (Well, Two)

    This seems spurious


    Distraction of the Day:  Beer bottle baby turning heads

    (video embedded below)

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