Links: 2009-10-19


  • BB&T report slumps as credit issues weigh | Reuters

    And they are generally considered better managed.

  • More investors overweight equities: Citigroup | Reuters

    Even more evidence of an asset-based recovery

  • Government banks failing to sell off assets to private equity firms

    Big fear of crystallizing losses

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  • Banks may face windfall tax over bonuses

    Bankers will make a lot, but is the right move? No

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  • US income gap widens as poor take hit in recession – BusinessWeek

    Now richest make 11.4x poorest

  • How Moody’s sold its ratings — and sold out investors | McClatchy

    Dissidents were purged!

  • Balloon Boy was Hoax; Richard Heene to Face Criminal Charges

    I hope they throw the book at him.

  • This Used To Be My Playground

    Friendfeed’s community disintegrates after Facebook purchase.

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