“I want to be a corrupt official when I grow up”


Below is a little clip allegedly from the Chinese newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily of some precious little schoolchildren. In the clip, a number of them tell us what they want to be when they grow up (I think I wanted to be a baseball player).

Now, I don’t speak Chinese but I understand that all of the kids give pretty standard answers. But, one little girl goes way off script at about 2:00 into the clip.

[Girl]: “I want to be an official”
[Reporter]: “What kind of official?”
[Girl]: “A corrupt official, because corrupt officials have a lot of things.”

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Hilarious!  Can someone who speaks Chinese confirm this.  I suspect it’s true because her face is blurred out in the video.

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Now, that’s the honesty that only a child can show. Bravo.

(clip embedded below)

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