News from around the web: 2009-08-16


  • Clive Crook – Obama took wrong turn on health
  • Housing affordability at the highest level since 1996 – Telegraph

    This article uses the term ‘undervalued.’ You have to sceptical about that kind of terminology given how expensive housing still is in places like London.

  • Exports, stimulus lift Japan out of recession | Reuters

    Add Japan to the list of countries with ‘statistical’ recoveries. Of course, in nominal terms, the economy still shrank.

  • Financial Standard – Danger signs ahead but bargain stocks a-plenty: Faber
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  • Bespoke Investment Group: S&P 500 P/E Ratio Nearly Doubles
  • Why the New American Real Estate Dream Is Renting –
  • Cocaine Contaminates Majority of U.S. Currency: Scientific American

    I have to say, I view this claim with scepticism. But, it’s interesting.

  • Why We Need Health Care Reform – Barack Obama,

    The President is making Op-Ed contributions in the NY Times? I guarantee there will be huge press coverage of this.

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  • Economist’s View: "A Public Option Isn’t a Curse or a Cure"

    Thaler shows that government usually loses in competition with private industry.

  • Nine Notes on Residential Real Estate – David Merkel
  • Cue the Tape From 1938 –

    Another buyer beware article. Good info on Paul Tudor Jones and the documentary film that vanished from YouTube because of copyright.

  • Iceland: what ugly secrets are waiting to be exposed in the meltdown? – Telegraph
  • There’s no quick fix to the global economy’s excess capacity – Telegraph
  • They Shopped ‘Til They Dropped –

    Retail is another place to avoid in Q4. They will underperform as consumption is the weak link.

  • Quality Counts –

    This has been a junk rally. Going forward, junk will sell off, quality will outperform.

  • New Google is the old Microsoft – TechFlash
  • Home Nurse Visits: A New Health-Care Fear for Conservatives – TIME

    More fear-mongering in public policy debates. Pathetic. This is straight out of Lee Atwater’s playbook. Despicable because people can be manipulated, but shrewd AND effective.

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