Morning Links: 2009-08-20


  • The misunderstanding of "debt-fueled consumption" – Rebecca Wilder
  • Economist’s View: "The Rationing Canard"
  • Bronte Capital: Health Care Reform and single payer – an Australian perspective
  • Obama should shift on healthcare – FT
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  • What Americans really want in healthcare reform – James Pethokoukis
  • Five Years Later, Google Proves the Skeptics Wrong – Deal Journal – WSJ
  • Toyota raises 2009 global production target | The Japan Times Online
  • Democracy from above will not work this time – FT
  • America cannot resolve global imbalances on its own – FT
  • Antarctic Glacier Thinning At Alarming Rate
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  • American Health Care Once Again – Gary Becker
  • America’s Japanese banks – Rolfe Winkler
  • Falling through the health care cracks – Lynn Parramore
  • Economist’s View: "The Public Option as a Signal"
  • Newspaper Industry Ad Revenue at 1965 Levels : CJR
  • Yet another discussion on the Asian savings glut hypothesis, and why it matters – Michael Pettis
  • China’s fiscal stimulus fading fast – FT Alphaville
  • Cost control not coverage is the key to health reform – FT
  • Robert Rubin in Hell – The Daily Beast Hat tip Alphaville
  • Coming Soon: Banking Crisis of Historic Proportions — John Lounsbury
  • Why the health care debate is so important regardless of one’s view of the "public option" – Glenn Greenwald –
  • Demand for gold slumps to six-year low – Telegraph
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