Paul Tudor Jones: Trader – Flashback to 1987


Update: These clips have sadly been removed from YouTube.

Clips from the 1987 PBS Film called Trader featuring famed investor Paul Tudor Jones are catching everyone’s imagination all of a sudden.  Is it that we are all secretly worried about a sock market crash?  Who knows.  It’s entertaining nonetheless and is a good piece of financial history.

I have to give you a fashion statement alert before you watch.  This is 1987 and, while I’m sure these guys thought they were pretty spiffy dressers, they’re looking a bit naff.  Check out the huge glasses, the suspenders and women with poofy hair. Kind of reminds me of “Wall Street”, “Working Girl” or “Bonfire of the Vanities.”

As for Jones, he’s filthy rich now.  But, he too took it on the chin during the recent credit crisis. Lately, things are going a bit better for him.

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Here are the seven clips now on the net. Enjoy.

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