News from around the web: 2009-07-25

  • Bernanke: 25 mega-firms are systemically vital – MarketWatch

    That’s a lot more than the biggest banks we hear about

  • Economist’s View: From 1983: Health Care Reform in Canada

    Echoes of the debate today in the US

  • Eliot Spitzer: "The Federal Reserve Is A Ponzi Scheme" – Dealbreaker

    Watch this video

  • Steven Gerrard cleared … – Guardian
  • Bill Maher: New Rule: Not Everything in America Has to Make a Profit

    Hilarious whether you agree or not. I don’t agree 100% but I do like the part where he asks who the hell would want to own a prison.

  • Quantitative easing – Warren Mosler

    QE is nonsense since central banks don’t control demand for credit.

  • Money printing, debt growth and deficits don’t create prosperity, says Marc Faber – News, analysis, reports

    More interesting comments by Dr. Doom

  • Blogger Response to CNBC | The Big Picture

    Hilarious mock-up. Nice one, Barry.

  • The man who is allergic to Wi-Fi –

    Afterlife is among the 2% that have this. Are we affected too?

  • Emmanuel Adebayor blames Arsenal fans for his departure | Football |

    You reap what you sow.

  • FINA bans record-setting bodysuits in swimming – Yahoo! Sports

    Phelps will still be amazing though.

  • Japan sends U.S. letter on Buy American worries | Politics | Reuters

    Japan doesn’t like Buy American either

  • China’s Beijing Auto says fails in bid for GM’s Opel | Reuters

    Intellectual property going back to China was the issue

  • Brussels gives UK five years to fix RBS and Lloyds – Telegraph

    This comes via the EU Competition Commissioner

  • Economist’s View: "All Stimulus Roads Lead to China"

    Provocative piece, but unlikely to actually happen.

  • EconomPic: UK Economy Shrinks by Record Level

    Very ugly numbers from the UK.

  • In Finance, What Once Was Global Now Is Local –

    wholesale retreat from global banking.

  • The Paradox Of Loyalty To Country

    Provocative thoughts on social psychology and patriotism.

  • Is your cat left or right pawed? – New Scientist

    Like humans, cats tend to prefer one paw over the other when tackling tricky tasks, find researchers

  • PJB: Has Obama’s Luck Run Out? ::: Patrick J. Buchanan

    Good piece comparing Nixon in 69 to Obama in 09

  • Senate to miss healthcare August deadline | Politics | Reuters

    You knew this was coming. Obama better hope the economy is better in the fall.

  • Michael Kinsley – In Henry Gates’s Arrest, Hard Realities and Human Nature –

    This thing just won’t go away. Gates says: "It didn’t matter how I was dressed. It didn’t matter how I talked. It didn’t matter how I comported myself."

  • Palin’s Favorability Ratings Drop — Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire

    Palin’s political ambitions are toast.

  • More Than Half Swedbank Mortgages in Latvia Exceed Collateral –

    Not looking good. Hat tip Claus Vistesen

  • Charles Krauthammer – Why Obamacare Is Sinking –

    I don’t usually like Krauthamer’s views, but he does make a few points.


    Distraction of the Day: United breaks guitars

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