Links: 2009-07-04

Happy 4th of July, America.

  • I Know This Much Is True –

    An interview with "Random Walk" Author Burton Malkiel. He talks about China and more.

  • The human cost of businesses entering administration is high – Telegraph

    Don’t let people tell you bankruptcy is pain-free. For employees, it’s not.

  • Sarah Palin To Quit As Alaska Governor – Swampland –

    This seems to be a way to let her run for President full time like Romney.

  • Why our debt-to-GDP ratios are right on – Marshall Auerback

    Interesting thoughts on how the private sector can net save without debt deflation

  • Pay-for-Chat Plan Falls Flat at Washington Post –

    Here’s another update on the WaPo lobbyist scandal.

  • La producción industrial cayó un 20.5% en mayo y ya encadena 13 meses de descensos

    Industrial production down 13 months straight in Spain. Off 21% now.

  • Steinbrueck’s Toxic-Asset Bill Passed Months After Crisis Hit –

    The German bad bank plan looks like a done deal. Will it fix the problem?

  • Ruth Madoff forced out as US marshalls seize family penthouse and possessions – Telegraph

    She first argued, then asked to stay, then asked to take a fur coat with her.

  • Greater Understanding Of Lyme Disease-causing Bacteria

    differences in strains determine antibiotic-refractory Lyme arthritis.

  • Police crackdowns may encourage drug use – New Scientist

    Some dealers make drug purity a calling card.

  • The Problem With Self-help Books: The Negative Side To Positive Self-statements

    "As the authors concluded, "Repeating positive self-statements may benefit certain people [such as individuals with high self-esteem] but backfire for the very people who need them the most.""

  • That ’30s Show – Paul Krugman, NYTimes

    Let me paraphrase, since I have been singing the same tune: depression is on our doorstep unless we get more jobs and income. That means the stimulus may fail in part because it wasn’t enough to begin with.

  • naked capitalism: Willem Buiter: "Why Zombie Banks Will Need More Money"

    Distraction of the Day: Air New Zealand’s new in-flight safety video



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