Bloomberg is coming down hard on Goldman


The video linked below is a must-see piece of journalistic skepticism. The duo at Bloomberg News are discussing the recent alleged theft of trading code by a former Goldman employee Sergey Aleynikov who moved to a hedge fund called Citadel Teza, a hedge fund now being sued by Citadel and founded by Misha Malyshev, who left Citadel in February.  Their commentary is incredulous.  Their tone seems to ask: “Is the Government working for Goldman now?”

Here are a few gems:

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  • “What is Goldman Sachs doing with this trading code that could manipulate the markets?”
  • “And Goldman got on the phone to the Justice Department and got them so fast to nail this guy, it’s almost – you wonder if they have a red line to the government.”
  • “It is amazing within one day of Goldman calling they had FBI agents at his driveway doing surveillance.  The next day they arrested him…”
  • “It’s interesting that the prosecutor from the testimony that I’ve read, it almost sounds as if he’s working at Goldman Sachs.”

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Goldman Sachs Loses Grip on Its Doomsday Machine: Jonathan Weil – Bloomberg

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