Ratigan: Geithner and Summers as O.J. Simpson


Dylan Ratigan, a former host on both Bloomberg Television and CNBC has a new gig over at CNBC.  Ratigan has been especially harsh in criticizing the financial services industry and its role in the recent global meltdown. 

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Below, is a video of Ratigan in his role as moderator of his new show on MSNBC.  And Ratigan is not afraid to throw around the odd analogy.  He takes a pretty dim view of Obama’s economic team’s being responsible for reforming Wall Street saying “it’s sort of like arguing O.J. and his pals at the crime scene are the best ones to run the investigation into what happened simply because they are the ones most familiar with the crime scene.” 

Yes, it is an over-the-top analogy, but it has a certain logic, doesn’t it?  And Eliot Spitzer talks like a man you want to take charge and make true reform. Take a look.

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