Links: 2009-04-03


M2M Change = Time to buy banks? – FT Alphaville

Recession Hits Social Security Increases

“The banks” versus “some banks” – Paul Krugman Blog –

Medvedev Renews Call for Alternatives to Dollar – Real Time Economics – WSJ

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The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – Genes, Race, And IQ

Buffett Penalized as Citigroup Borrows for Less –

Mark Thoma: The G20’s failure to produce an international stimulus package is disappointing | Comment is free |

The Mess That Greenspan Made: Implode-O-Meter ordered to give up sources

There Will Be (Hyper)Inflation – Thorsten Polleit – Mises Institute

German car sales soar 40% on scappage scheme – Times Online – This is what Obama is looking to do as well.

10 tips for managing difficult people – Times Online

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GD 2.0 – Michael Panzner No bull here – David Rosenberg

TIPS Rockin’

Is The Market Overbought? | Sense on Cents

Japan pays jobless incomers to go – BBC News

Wunschanalyse Commerzbank AG

Bailout News


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