Links: 2009-04-01


Lessons from Japan’s failed fiscal stimulus – Vox Eu

Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism – Joseph Stiglitz, NY Times hat tip Mark Thoma

The Future of Investing: Evolution or Revolution? – Bill Gross

NBER: Household and NFP Differences Are Cyclical – Barry Ritholtz

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Sacked workers occupy car factory – BBC News

Emerging-Market Stocks Extend Best Monthly Rally in 16 Years –

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Chicago Sun-Times parent files for bankruptcy

Fiat SpA Long-Term Corporate Credit Rating Cut to Junk by S&P is this suposed to be a credit-worthy partner to save Chrysler?

Union urges Obama to oust bank CEO – Politico

The Losing Battle to Fix Gold at $35, Part II – Mises Institute Good history and a must read

Pissed Off at the Corporate Banking Industry? Here’s an Easy Way You Can Hurt Them – AlterNet

Is Obama’s Car Czar Plotting to Crush the Auto Unions? – AlterNet

U.S. buys may be back on cards for Canada banks – National Post It seems that TARP scared the Canadians away.

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