Links: 2009-03-30


Zero Hedge: Exclusive: AIG Was Responsible For The Banks’ January & February Profitability Basically Citi and BofA may have been telling tall tales about profitability in January and February.

How a Modern Depression Might Look — If the U.S. Gets There – WSJ

Letter to FASB: Don’t Change Mark-to-Market! – Rolfe Winkler

Reflation and How to Exploit It – WSJ

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Why is the NYT Breaking the Web? – Felix Salmon Basically, the NY Times is being annoying and unreliable. I’ll remember not to link out to their stories.

A new plan needed as the cycle grows vicious – Wolfgang Munchau

G20 unity spells end of Brown’s ‘New Deal’ – Telegraph

Russia backs return to Gold Standard to solve financial crisis – Telegraph The aniti-dollar theme is gaining ‘currency.’

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Nice-guy image buys Obama only so much goodwill – Clive Crook is 100% correct on this one.

Dunfermline boss attacks Treasury – BBC News

Nationwide takes on Dunfermline Building Society’s branches, deposits and staff – Telegraph

GM chief executive’s crisis-ridden term – Telegraph

Social Security Trust Fund – The Mother of all Bond Portfolios – Bruce Krasting

Mortgage approvals soar 19% during February – Times Online Is this the result of low interest rates in the U.K.?

Bernanke Treasury Plan Drives Pimco to Mortgage Bonds –

Bailout Boundary Dispute – George Will How Constitutional is the Baliout?


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