Links: 2009-03-16 – blogger edition


I am a bit under the weather today so posting will be extremely light. I’ll let my blogger brethren do the talking for me below.

Barclays – spinning out of control – FT Alphaville The lies that banks tell and how journalists deal

What’s the matter with Jim Cramer? – Megan McArdle

A little map I made – A Fistful of Euros map of the political spectrum in Europe

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The AIG Blackmail Note – Paul Kedrosky

Now It’s Official; Public Private Partnership to Overpay for Toxic Bank Assets – Yves Smith

What will recovery look like? – James Hamilton

State well-being ranking: Utah #1, West Virginia # 50 – Rebecca Wilder

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Municipal Pension Time Bomb Set to Go Off – Michael Panzner

Crisis ‘will cost Africa $49bn’ – BBC News

The Most Violent Video Games Ever Made Sorry, I had to add this in here

Here are a few more I missed:

Should you be able to sell what you do not own? – WIllem Buiter

A Continent Adrift – Paul Krugman

Lloyds investors threaten to sue – FT Alphaville

Point counter point: AIG, Goldman and the NYT – FT Alphaville

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