Links: 2009-03-13


Buffett’s Berkshire Has AAA Debt Rating Cut by Fitch – This is HUGE! If Berkshire is not AAA, no financial services company is. Wow.

Business As Usual – Baseline Scenario (must read – the bankers have won)

When will bad bankers go to jail? -MSN Money

Cohen Withdraws From Running for No. 2 Treasury Job – Bloomberg

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South African billionaire loses big time – Fin24

Are we throwing good money after bad into pensions? – Irish Times

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Sweden may not be a model – Euro Intelligence

Why letting Lehman go did crush the financial markets – FT Alphaville

Google Voice is Like Gmail for Voicemail – Mashable

Will Banks Start to Walk Their Talk? Don’t Hold Your Breath (Mark to Market Edition) – Yves Smith

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