Links: 2009-03-12


Glencore buys back debt – FT Alphaville

The fix is in! MTM Accounting Deal On The Way. – Option Armageddon

Greenspan Forgets Where He Put His Asset Bubble: Caroline Baum (My take on a re-post is here: The Blame Asia Meme)

Climate change gets worse – A sinking feeling – Economist (hat tip Yves Smith)

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UK house prices will plummet: look at this scary chart – Money Week (hat tip Alphaville)

Is Obamanomics Conservative or Revolutionary? – Robert Reich

All Reuters needs now is a name – FT Alphaville Reuters has a new blog site coming

Rebalancing the books – unpleasant but not unbearable – Jeremy Grantham,

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Freddie to Tap $30.8 Billion in Aid as Losses Deepen –

To the victor go the spoils: who answers the phone in the US Treasury? – Willem Buiter

Eastern European currencies ‘close to crisis’ – Irish Independent

The Eastern European carry-trade meltdown, reviewed – FT Alphaville

Norway pension fund loses $92bn – BBC News

Questioning the J-curve – FT Alphaville

‘Difficult’ Americans hamper G20 efforts to secure a global deal – Times Online

Hungary’s economy shrinks rapidly –

IMF chief says bank cleanup too slow – Reuters

Understanding the Baltic Dry Index – The Daily Angle

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