Links: 2009-03-08


Bank nationalisation ‘not needed’ – BBC News

Goldman CEO opposed to full bank nationalization – Reuters

No Doom, Just Gloom – David Levy, Barron’s

How Severely Will Asia Be Affected By the Global Recession? – Roubin’s RGE Monitor

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The knives are out for Geithner – UK Bubble

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An Amazingly Disingenuous Piece by Alan Blinder on Bank Nationalization – naked capitalism

Who got AIG’s bailout billions? – Reuters

The Too-Small Stimulus – Matthew Yglesias

Quantitative easing is not the answer – Telegraph

Government takes over Lloyds Banking Group – Guardian

Scholes Advises ‘Blow Up’ Over-the-Counter Contracts –

Fed’s Hoenig: ‘Too Big has Failed’ – Calculated Risk

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