Links: 2009-03-05


Economist’s View: “Ridding Ourselves of the Zombies”

Wall Street on the Tundra –

Ford Equitizing $10.4 Billion In Debt – Tyler Durden

Follow the money to see Hungary’s plight – BBC News

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FDIC Insurance Fund May Run Dry This Year – Yves Smith

Merrill’s $10 Million Men –

Fed Moves to Free Up Credit for Consumers –

non-OPEC Oil Production Has Peaked – Gregor Macdonald

The unfortunate uselessness of most ‘state of the art’ academic monetary economics – Willem Buiter

Treasury Loan-Modification Guidelines – Real Time Economics

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What is Your Real Name? – Cassandra does Tokyo

Jump-starting the shadow banking system – Tim Iacono

Jimmy Cayne on Tim Geithner: ‘This Guy Thinks He’s Got a Big… This is pretty ugly stuff. It has a certain rubbernecker’s quality to it.

Tonya Harding Slams Obama – Buzz Feed She scares me

Property: What You Get for… $375,000

New York Tenants Could Benefit From Foreclosure – NY Times

Memo to Jeffrey Immelt – if you are going to lie you have to do it more convincingly than this – Bronte Capital

Reminder: Google is Not the Internet (Yet) – Mashable!

You are a PC, not a Mac: Gates bans family from using iPods

BoC gets serious with ‘Quantitative’ easing talk

YouTube – JULIAN SMITH – 25 Things I Hate About Facebook

Lamborghini faces uphill battle as big wallets slam shut – NZ Herald

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