Links: 2009-03-04


Treasury Loan-Modification Guidelines – Real Time Economics

The unfortunate uselessness of most ‘state of the art’ academic monetary economics – Willem Buiter

New York Tenants Could Benefit From Foreclosure – NY Times

Property: What You Get for… $375,000 A one-bedroom one-bath house in Mission Hill or A four-bedroom house with one full and two half baths in Minnesota or a A two-bedroom two-bath town house opposite a ski resort in Lake Tahoe

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non-OPEC Oil Production Has Peaked – Gregor Macdonald

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Memo to Jeffrey Immelt – if you are going to lie you have to do it more convincingly than this – Bronte Capital

EU pledges eurozone rescue – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph

One in five U.S. mortgage borrowers are underwater – Reuters

BoC gets serious with ‘Quantitative’ easing talk

You are a PC, not a Mac: Gates bans family from using iPods

Reminder: Google is Not the Internet (Yet) – Mashable!

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