Did Tim Geithner blow it?


Politico asked a bunch of pundits from across the political spectrum to size up U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s performance in explaining his plan for rescuing the U.S. banking system. They were asked, “Did Tim Geithner blow it? What should he do now?” One pundit, Jeffrey C. Stewart, had a memorable response (Hat tip Dave):

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Yes, I think Geithner did blow it. First, his demeanor is all wrong. He has a habit of looking up when his head is pointed down, which gives him the look of being either a graduate student who doesn’t know the answer to a question or a guy who has stolen something and now is being asked about it.

See the link below for the rest of his response and the other responses.

Did Tim Geithner blow it? What should he do now? – The Arena, Politico

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