Links: 2009-02-27


Eminem’s latest day in court likely to be felt far and wide – NZ Herald (this concerns a lawsuit on how much royalties artists should get fordigital music.  Steve Jobs is testifying.  It’s a very big deal)

A bruised Warren Buffett to look ahead in letter – Reuters

Darling bids to stop Goodwin’s £693,000-a-year pension – Guardian

Niall Ferguson: “There Will Be Blood” – Paul Kedrosky

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Insuring toxic assets: throwing good tax payers’ money after bad private money – Willem Buiter

Future is ‘bleak’ warns Joschka Fischer – Telegraph

Tracking the bear: How bad could it get? – Fortune

French Town Changing Name to Improve Ranks in Google

Download Disk Wipe to Securely Delete Confidential and Sensitive Data in Media Drives

Walt Mossberg Reviews Amazon’s Kindle 2 –

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