Links: 2009-02-26


Citigroup close to reaching deal with government: report – Reuters

The Banks’s Rigged Stress Test – Dean Baker

Renters Lose Edge on Homeowners –

TARP Said to Be Ripe for Fraud –

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£650,000 pension for former RBS chief Sir Fred Goodwin – Times Online

Still waiting for Helicopter Ben – Simon Johnson and James Kwak, Guardian

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Bernanke rejects total bank buyouts –

All the President’s zombies Paul Krugman, NY Times

Barack Obama test limits of rhetoric – Telegraph

The New N Word: Nationalization

Saving Eastern Europe before the contagion starts – voxEU

Teed Off at Northern Trust – Deal Book (This is completely idiotic. Northern Trust is one of the better run banks and these know-nothings are slamming it because it was forced to take TARP money and wants to continue doing legitimate business?  Nonsense.  Go after Citi.)

A Hands On Look at Safari 4’s (Crashy) Eye Candy – Life Hacker

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