Links: 2009-02-20


The Austrian Economists: Rick Santelli Rant

Ken Rogoff says Fed needs to set inflation target of 6pc to help ease crisis – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph

Japan department store sales down 9.1% in January – Japan Economy News & Blog | Willem Buiter’s Maverecon | Home loans in the US: the biggest racket since Al Capone?

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Economist’s View: “What Would Galbraith Say?”

Marginal Revolution: What to think of Obama’s housing plan

Caroline Baum Five Easy Pieces Plan Flies Over Cuckoo’s Nest: Caroline Baum

After Manhattan’s Office Boom, a Hard Fall – DealBook Blog –

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Who the f@#! is Howard Schultz? – World, Business –

Analysis: Lost jobs make ripples, not waves, in China – National Post

HOW TO GUIDE: 60+ Great How To Sites and Resources

Social Networking Craze Harming Peoples Health – The Next Web – Economie – IJsland betaalt niet alles terug

Berlusconi no descarta nacionalizar bancos como medida para paliar la crisis | – Krise in Osteuropa: Österreichs offensive Banken

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