Links: 2009-02-18

Below are the main stories I wish to highlight. There are a bunh of others in the newsfeed.


Below are the main stories I wish to highlight. There are a bunch of others in the newsfeed.

Britain’s AAA credit rating threatened by scale of bank bailout – Telegraph

Germany, France May Face Bailout of Nations, Not Just Banks –

Eastern Europe fuels rush for safety – FT Alphaville

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Commerzbank pledges to drop executive bonuses –

RBS bonuses to reach £775m despite Treasury tough talk – Guardian (This is at odds with what is happening at Commerzbank)

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Taiwan’s Economy Probably Posted Record Contraction –

Harvard’s alumni fail to dazzle in recession – Telegraph

To Print Or Not To Print, That Is The Question – Edward Hugh, Japan Economy Watch

Layoff Lawyer Sees Ominous Signs – Real-Time Economics (I have said that the seasonal-adjustments are deceiving people as to the fall in jobs)

We ‘hate you guys’ even more now… – FT Alphaville

Stressing The System And The TARP Repayment Race – Zero Hedge

Facebook Reverts to Previous Terms of Service – Mashable

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