Links: 2009-02-17


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Eastern European currencies crumble as fears of debt crisis grow – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
CDS report: Emerging exposures hurt banks – FT Alphavile
‘Drunk’ Japan minister to resign – BBC News
Schwarzenegger Prepares to Layoff 20,000 – Calculated Risk
Decade at Bernie’s – Paul Krugman –
China to US: We hate you – FT Alphaville
November 2012: a dystopian dream –
Greed Corp. Will Rebound After the Scolding: Celestine Bohlen –
Failed Korean Debt Sale – Immobilienblasen
Proposals to fix the financial system: A stocktaking – voxEU
Economist’s View: “Bogus Arguments about the Burden of the Debt”
To cash in on inflation in the future, consider TIPS – Tucson Citizen
Bank solvency and the “Geithner Plan” – Bronte Capital
Facebook: All Your Stuff Is Ours, Even If You Quit

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