Links: 2009-01-31


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The Most Popular Twitter Acronyms – Digital Inspiration

Wall Street suffers worst January – BBC News

Outlook for Japan’s economy worsens –

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Rogoff: The Global Credit Drought – DealBook Blog –

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Fed’s Credit Flirtation Muddles Exit Strategy: Caroline Baum –

Hyperinflation is a possibility, say Morgan Stanley – FT Alphaville

The Bailout Game – Barry Ritholtz

Wall Street Quakes at Threat of $400,000 Pay Cap – Yves Smith

Ex-heavyweight champ Johansson dies (AP) (One of my favorite movies is the Swedish movie, “My Life as a Dog” which features the Swedes listening to the Patterson – Johnasson match on the radio)

A Month Free? Rents Are Falling Fast – NY Times

Naomi Tickle: You Can Read a Face Like a Book – Fora TV (I am skeptical but I find this interesting nonetheless)

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