Links: 2009-01-27


Animal Spirits Depend on Trust – Robert Shiller, Wall Street Journal

Geithner enlists lobbyist as top aide – Jeanne Cummings – (Hat tip Marshall)

Argentina’s B- Rating Affirmed by Standard & Poor’s Ratings –

Fuld sells $14m home to wife for $100 – Business – NZ Herald News

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Broader point about Geithner, Obama, China, and “manipulation” – James Fallows

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Paulson reaps £270m ‘shorting’ RBS –

Nomura posts $3.8bn fourth quarter loss –

Citi sells $12bn in state-backed bonds – FT Alphaville (this is a freebie whereby Citi gets funding at reduced rates. It should help to recapitalize the company)

Why the Federal Reserve should LITERALLY throw money out of helicopters

Allt fler problemlån i Estland – Dagens Nyheter (basically Swedish banks are way overexposed in Estonia. 95% of the banking market is controlled by the Swedes. Get ready for some huge losses at Swedbank and SEB)

Islandsk kaos koster Danmark dyrt – Berlingske Tidene (Basically, Denmark is way overexposed to Iceland)

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