News round-up: 15 Aug 2008 – blog edition


The complete and utter failure of owners’ equivalent rent – Tim Iacono

Inflation Versus Deflation: The Debate Continues – naked capitalism

Dark Star – Bank Implode-O-Meter

July Jump in CPI Suggests Third Quarter Growth Could be Negative – Dean Baker

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The impact of the 2008 rebate – Vox

Central Bank Spam – Big Picture

Prospect online this week – First Drafts

Auction-rate deals top $48bn – FT Alphaville

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Japan’s GDP drops an annualized 2.4% in the second quarter – Japan Economy & News Blog

The Great Illusion – Paul Krugman

When Societies Watch Too Much Television – Charles Hugh Smith

Who’s Buying Financials? – Market Movers

Down 97%: Tax Trouble Coming For States & Cities – Big Picture

Forget the inflation report, we still need higher rates. – UK Bubble

O Que Aconteceu? – Russ Winter

How to Fix Yahoo – Market Beat

World-Wide Recoupling Is Bad News All Around – Real Time Economics

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