News Round-Up: 7 Jul 2008


Britain must act to prevent an attack on Iran – FT
Congress tries to tighten commodities loopholes – MarketWatch
Obama Faces Resistance From Top Supporters of Clinton – WSJ

GM Weighs More Layoffs, Sale of Brands – WSJ
Recession is not the worst possible outcome – FT
Lufthansa Faces Flight Disruptions Over Walkouts for More Pay – Bloomberg

TIPS Flunk Inflation Test as Fuel, Food Overtake CPI – Bloomberg

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Japan’s growth tails off – Global Property Guide
China: A bet on home prices – China Daily

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Financial Services
Merrill May Sell Bloomberg Stake, Some of BlackRock – WSJ
Consumers get rare chance to try to effect changes in credit-card rules – MarketWatch
Swiss banks may need to raise $68 billion more – MarketWatch
Regulator watching troubled UK bank – Irish Independent

Bertha likely to be first hurricane of 2008 – MarketWatch
America’s human capital is tested – FT

US-Studie beziffert Verluste der Finanzinstitute auf 1600 Milliarden Dollar – Sonntagszeitung

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