News Round-up: 19 Jul 2008 – weekend edition


Top Story
Why No Outrage? – James Grant, WSJ (A MUST read.)

Jim Grant: “Why No Outrage?” – Naked Capitalism (Yves’ take on the article, you’ve seen mine)

Financial Services

Banks responsible for the loss of trust – LA Times

A Call to Ease the Way for More Bank Mergers – DealBook

David Einhorn’s Gloomy Month – DealBook

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Citi’s Dividend Debate: Here We Go Again – DealBook

Barclays and HBOS cash calls shunned – FT

Qatar now Barclays’ biggest shareholder – FT

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Barclays’ investors snub £4.5bn open offer – Telegraph

Emerging Markets

Argentina drops disputed farm tax – BBC News

La morosidad sube en mayo tanto como en cinco años juntos – El País

Martinsa infló ya en 2006 sus fondos propios, según el informe del auditor – El País

Luxury market feels the pinch – FT

June Home Resales In California Slowest Since 1988 – Housing Wire

Why a used Civic still costs $16,118 – MarketWatch

Survival strategies for home sellers – MarketWatch

Retail Sales – What a Difference a Deflator Makes – Paul Kasrel, Safe Haven

Britain Reconsiders Borrowing Rules As Public Finances Weaken – WSJ

Economic Woes Get a Fix: Witch Hunt – WSJ

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