John Templeton 1912-2008


We have lost one of the greatest stock pickers of all time. John Templeton passed away today.

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Global investor and philanthropist John Templeton has died at a hospital in the Bahamas.

Spokesman Don Lehr said Templeton died Tuesday from pneumonia. He was 95.

Templeton created the John Templeton Foundation in 1987 to encourage scientific research. The foundation has an estimated endowment of $1.5-billion (U.S.) and awards some $7- million in annual grants.

Mr. Templeton was a naturalized British citizen who lived in Nassau. He was knighted in 1987 for his philanthropic accomplishments. He is survived by two sons, a stepdaughter, three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Globe & Mail, 8 Jul 2008

Templeton was a truly amazing investor and philanthropist. The entries on Investopedia and Wikipedia do a good job of catching the highlights.


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