News Round-Up: 05 May 2008


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Why we can’t cruise past a recession – Bill Fleckenstein: MSN Money (05/05/2008)
Buffett Says Bond Insurers Don’t Deserve AAA Rating – Bloomberg (05/04/2008)
Downgrades Show Storm Isn’t Over – WSJ ($)(05/03/2008)

Credit crisis shows that banks need wise men not wide boys – Roger Bootle: The Telegraph (05/05/2008)

Wall Street CEO Chorus Is Singing Out of Tune: Caroline Baum – Caroline Baum: Bloomberg (05/05/2008)


U.S. Services Sector Expands – WSJ ($) (05/03/2008)

Fed Moves to Loosen Tight Credit – NY Times (05/05/2008)
Credit Crunch Sends More Consumers To the Sidelines – WSJ ($) (05/03/2008)
Economy May Face Prolonged Pain, History Suggests – WSJ ($) (05/05/2008 )
Credit crunch expands to cash-out refinancing, investment properties and vacation homes – LA Times (05/04/2008)
Americans cutting back for Mother’s Day – LA Times (05/04/2008)

Bombardier holt sich Hilfe aus China – Financial Times Deutschland (05/05/2008)


El indicador de confianza del consumidor baja en abril a 63,8 – Yahoo! Noticias (05/05/2008)

Italy needs to focus on its productivity growth – FT($) (05/05/2008)

Trichet Warns of Global Inflation – WSJ($) (05/05/2008)

Euro-Zone Sees Manufacturing Slowdown – WSJ($) (05/05/2008)

House prices to fall?further– FT($) (05/05/2008)

Emerging Markets

Exportkrise: China-Boom schwächt sich merklich ab – Der Spiegel (05/05/2008)
Asia fears lost decade, unrest from food price shock – Reuters (05/04/2008)

Buffett: Korean stock market attractive – WSJ($) (05/04/2008)

Un muerto y 4 heridos en una protesta en Somalia contra la inflación – Yahoo! Noticias (05/05/2008)

As Prices Surge, Thailand Pitches OPEC-Style Rice Cartel – WSJ($) (05/04/2008)

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